living things and their habitats

B8 DNA Explanation and Extraction
C6 Diamonds and Coal - rare they REALLY the Same Thing?
B15 Vet School - How does an animal stay alive - Homeostasis
I7: Let’s innovate: the Food of the Future
C13 Is a Jellyfish Really Made of Jelly?
B1 How do plants grow?
P2 Is there life on Mars?
P4 No Pressure - can you put a hole in a block of wood with one finger?
P5 What is a Tornado?
P6 Can we HEAR a rainbow?
B9 Vet School - Anatomy
B14 How Do Reindeer Stay Warm - Amazing Animal Adaptations
P16 The International Space Station - how does it Stay Up There?
P19 Can we make a Greenhouse out of Clingfilm?
P24 Is there such a thing as Invisible Light?
C11 Friendly Bugs - Why does a Cow have 4 Stomachs?
B21 Dawn Chorus - Why do Birds Sing in the Morning?
B2 Making sense of senses – Taste
B3 Making sense of senses – Smell
B27 Never mind the Tooth Fairy - how do we grow our TEETH?
B32 Is a Turkey Like a T-Rex?
B12 Vet School - Molecules, the Building Blocks of life
B17 Vet School: does a Spider Love Her Babies – the Vets challenge of when animals have their young
B20 Vet School: the case of the poorly paw - how vets treat ill animals
B24 Angels and Demons - what happens when we get a COLD?
B26 The Impossible Bee - How does it Fly?
P14 Can We Make an Earthquake?
B25 Vet School - Pet First Aid
P21 Car Mechanics - what makes a car go?
P22 Renewable Energy - How do we make electricity from the Sun?
I8 Renewable Energy - How do we get electricity from the wind?


My two girls love ScienceClubz, they find the topics very interesting and it is relevant for both 6 year and 10 year olds - they even enjoy doing the homework (!), it has truly enhanced their learning.  I find the parents/home notes particularly useful as this helps me understand what they have covered, provide help where necessary and build upon anything they want to know more about.  The girls said the lab coats and safety glasses they wear when doing something practical make them feel like a real scientist.  The whole experience has given them a true passion for Science - thank you.  
Deborah, Parent of pupils attending
St John's Priory School, Banbury, Oxfordshire



Our art is in SPACE! 


Art into Space

Interview about Kids Science now on Youtube

The Science of Smell

A number of intrepid junior scientists had a bash at the perfume design challenge and engineered their own creations.  If you look closely - the ingredients of one can be seen in the photo - try it yourself - it smells fantastic - Roll over Chanel No. 5!

This could be the first picture you see of actual life on Mars!

Who would have thought that when asked "Who wants to look at a dead mackerel?" the whole class would say "YES!" and pretty much all of them got hands-on to feel the feathery gills of this amazing fish.  The surface area needs to be large so the gills can get out the 1% or so of dissolved Oxygen from the water. Take a look at the short film snippet to see how and why it needs to use only DISSOLVED Oxygen!

Key Stage 1 Pupil hanging up a Water Cycle experiment
Let's Write Some Science Fiction: "Purple Planet Pop" from KS2 students
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